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Johnson & Johnson Impact Awards

Brand Design
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Shelby Hipol (BXD), Matthew Cuschieri (BXD)
Duration: 8 weeks
Deliverables: Posters, banners

Johnson & Johnson's Annual Impact Awards is a time to reflect and celebrate talent, using the anvil as a symbol of impact and innovation.  We’ve started returning to the workplace and some aspects of life are similar to how they were pre-pandemic. However, our experiences from these past few years and the upcoming changes to the company mean that we’ll never be totally the same as before. How can we express this in a lighthearted way that doesn’t diminish people’s recent experiences and feelings about the future?

Same But Different

Even though J&J is in a period of change, many aspects of it will remain the same. Can we play with the form of the anvil in a way that’s recognizable but unexpected?


In this time of change, we’re having to evaluate our priorities to reshape the ways we work in the future. This direction brings a crisp focus back onto the impact we make through our work every day.

Refocusing moodboard: limited depth of focus, saturated gradients, obscured objects
Same But Different moodboard: material play, surrealism, DALL-E renderings
Refocusing key image
Same But Different key image
Refocusing posters
Same But Different posters
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