Well Magazine

Editorial/Branding/Web Design

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Project Summary 

Team: Solo project

Project Duration: 5 weeks

Tools: InDesign, Photoshop, HTML, CSS

Deliverables: Printed magazine, website


Well Magazine is a wellness and lifestyle magazine centered around the healing properties of water and holistic health. This magazine includes articles on mental and physical health, beauty, product reviews, and current events.

A pastel color palette was carefully curated to correspond to each article category. The font "Soothing" was selected for the cover designs and decorative background lettering within the spreads. This typeface consists of loose, liquid-inspired strokes that lend itself beautifully to Well's brand identity. The letterforms stack to create beautiful ligatures and cascading typographic forms resembling moving water in each cover design. The colors and typefaces utilized create an elegant, soothing, yet friendly, fun attitude.

Well Magazine cover

Well Magazine covers

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