UX Case Study

Thriver app wireframes (click image to view select gallery)

Project Summary

Team: Solo project

Project Duration: 15 weeks

Tools: Figma

Deliverables: Competitive analysis, user personas, user flows, low-fidelity wireframes, moodboard, clickable prototype


Thriver aims to help human-trafficking/trauma survivors find jobs that accommodate their needs and the resources to gain employment


Human trafficking or modern day slavery is defined as “the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act”. There are about 40 million victims worldwide, including every state of the United States. Due to demographics, unique needs, financial or emotional dependence on their trafficker, and lack of available resources, it is very difficult for survivors to reintegrate into society and find employment after rescue. (Department of Homeland Security 2021)

Competitive Analysis

While there are apps aimed at rescuing survivors, job searches, job interview prep, and therapy, there is no app that combines these needs and assists human trafficking or trauma survivors as they seek employment.

The apps evaluated were (left to right) Coming Home, Victim Assistance, Sanvello, Job Interview Prep and Questions, and Speako. 

User Research

I conducted 8 interviews with individuals in the NJ, NYC, Philly area who are actively or have previously worked with anti-human-trafficking organizations. These interviews allowed me to compile user insights, as well as design the user personas Survivor Serena, a sex-trafficking survivor who is seeking trauma-based therapy, and Survivor Steve, a labor-trafficking survivor searching for a job with unique accommodations.

Survivor Serena user persona

User Flows and Wireframes

I created user flows for finding a job and finding a therapist, as well as wireframes and a Figma prototype. After user-testing, drop-down menus were refined and back navigation was added.

user flows for job and therapist search

wireframes for finding a therapist

Brand Exploration

Thriver is an app for trauma or human trafficking survivors who need resources or jobs by using credible research and input from social workers and trauma survivors to provide an empowering space to rebuild health, confidence, and career because trauma survivors deserve a chance to thrive. My brand is empowering, empathetic, reassuring, and respectful. The mood board and gestural designs below reflect this by color-blocking with a calming color palette, utilizing minimalist sans-serif UI elements, and layered photos to give a credible and professional feel.

brand mood board

Type Studies and Gestural Designs

The font "Graphik" was chosen for body text, as its tall x-height and simplicity makes it versatile and comfortable to read.

The font "Bely Display" was chosen for the watermark. The thick strokes create a substantial presence that remains professional and modern, while containing personality and friendliness.

gestural designs

high-fidelity prototype

Future Considerations

1. I would flesh out additional features. This app would be password-protected to ensure maximum safety of users. Additionally, language access would be available to better serve this often-diverse population. The "Interview Prep" section would include interview questions, the option to record a mock interview, and interview attire rental resources. "Create a Resume" would allow the user to select and build off of a resume/CV template.  

2. I would conduct further research regarding partnership with other organizations. The section for "Interview Prep" would include the option to rent interview attire from local, participating nonprofits and retailers.

3. I would improve touchpoints and iconography based on user feedback. Initially, some of the dropdown menus, forward and backward navigation were not sufficiently easy to navigate. After user testing, these issues were addressed. However,  I would continue to improve the iconography and ensure that touchpoints are readily identifiable, a sufficient size, and in a clear location.

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