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Why the name change?

The name “Amy” was chosen because of the French word “Aimée” which translates to “loved” or “beloved”. As an Asian-American adoptee, my parents wanted to emphasize the idea of belonging and acceptance. 

As I continually learn what unconditional love (for self and others) looks like, I want my name to reflect this even further. The word “Aimée” directly translates to “loved” as opposed to Amy. With this name, I am continually reminded to love myself and others. With this name, my identity is love. 

Additionally, “Jade” became a nickname in middle school and has served as an additional “middle name” for years. This word alludes to Asian culture while still providing room for the intersectionality of my identity as Asian, American, and adoptee. This name allows for the ambivalence and distance I feel towards embodying a cultural identity at all, while not denying where I came from. 

These two words capture who I am as a designer. I am someone who believes everyone deserves to be loved, seen, and heard. I am someone with a cultural identity that is nuanced, but still holds space.
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